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HOG Project aims to deliver a set of tools for game designers that would facilitate building hidden-object games using Silverlight technology. The preliminary objectives have evolved over time (for details see the outdated project kickoff presentation), and currently consist of:
  • *HOG Solution Template - ready to use Visual Studio 2008 project template
  • Souvenirs - complete PoC of hidden-object game showcasing all the features of HOG Project framework

How to start?

1. We've built the experimental game called Souvenirs:


Feel free to test it out!

2. Download the latest release of the project.

3. Read the introductory documentation or just start messing around the sources of the Souvenirs game.

To do

There are actually plenty of things that went out of the scope of v1:
  • Make the template VS2010 compliant
  • HOGEditor - think of Expression Blend Lite for HOG game level designers
  • Multiplayer support
  • Use new, cool features of SL4 (current version uses lot of SL3 features)

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